Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Nathan Nothman - November 30, 1982

Work Detail

They told everybody should go take the clothes and be on, on Appell, on a big place there, Platzgroßen. And uh, you know, we know right away what happened there. So I didn't took nothing with me. There's no use to take nothing because you'll never get there. So I was free. So I didn't carry no baggages, nothing. I just took my jacket. I got what I have. ??? Göth, Sturmbannf ürhrer G ö eth. It was the most miserable, wretched on earth. He was from, from Austria. He was a vicious animal. One should not even mention him come in. And I showed him the paper--what he gave my father--and he saw the paper so he put me right, and I know right is good. But when he separate the 100 people, so fifty was here or seventy here and thirty was on the side, so he said to the SS Nazi, "???" and that means ???, kill them. So they mixed together again with us, the Jews. But they were the Jewish who want to live, they are not the Jews who want to just lay down and die. So he again rem...remembered me and put me to my right. And that time he took the underguard--but the Jews--the seventy who survived--I know of them plenty, plenty survived--they run to the building and the German would never, never run after them. They shot--I don't know how many shot from uh, from thirty--thirty-five shot, maybe about twenty-five. But the ten disappear in the building. So we had made--but he didn't count--the German Nazi didn't count how many he left over.

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