Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Nathan Nothman - November 30, 1982

Father Taken Away

Two officers, Polish, with their civil...civilian clothes came in to my father. They say, "You must go with us." So my father asked, "Why?" "We got an order from the SS Gestapo to pick you up." We didn't know why, we didn't know how. My father worked for the Gestapo. We worked for plumbing there. He got plumbers and heaters--they didn't pay him nothing, they didn't give us something, food. Only they would give us a pass so we came out from the ghetto work. Everybody want to go out to work. So they took my father and they telled that my uh, they took my father once and I knew right away, in 1941, that my father wouldn't come back. So they took my father into Auschwitz. And they send back a small box of uh, ashes, and they specified that this is the father. He was crema...cremated. About six months later they'd get--they came in for the little older than me ??? and they took everything.

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