Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992


Did you ever meet any of the transports that came? Did you watch the trains when they came in?

No. Nobody watched this. They come out in one place. We...we...They never let anybody there see. It was all sealed up, you know.

You... you said someone came and asked... for you, asked for Mondry?

Yeah. They come in...They brought them into Auschwitz. I brought them back to Auschwitz, take a shower, you know. ??? effects.


And after they take him back to Birkenau.

Now, who was this?

That's my brother.

Your brother, but somebody...

My brother ???...

...somebody told you about him?

After, yeah. I said, "Why didn't you call me? I could... I could have got him out, steal him out, to be with me, you know, in Auschwitz."

Could you? You think you could have?

??? he was afraid, and he didn't take...They took him right back. They took him right back to...What, you never meet anybody like me? Not direct... not directly, have you?

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