Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992

Auschwitz--Executions I

So, so your brother died at Auschwitz?

Yeah, when they come, they took him away.

In the selection?

You see, in Auschwitz, where the, where the hospital was, in the back--must have--they call it Bunker 11. You know what a bunker is?


There they used to put everybody there. Get in there, never come out alive. They used to bring Germans. They used to bring in Polish priests. Every two weeks, like regularly, they, they used to come in all black cars, Mercedes, you know. Civilians, and they took them out, you know. They have to take off their clothes to here and like a black wall, they have.

The black wall and they would shoot them?

You know how I know this? My window from the, from the hospital, you could see everything there. So, if we had an orderly-guy cover the window with blankets, you know, we know something's gonna happen. I, I, I didn't take a chance, I looked ??? So, we had to get, in every, every, every room, they had to get about three, four nurses. The guy would come there, you know, help. You know what to help? After when they shoot it. We have to pull them out and see if they's alive, if the Pole is still, still alive, in trucks, you know. They used to, I only want the ??? to guide me. Somebody told me, it was a Polish, you know, Polack, not Jew. He told me when they rush up never try to be there, you know, you never try to be the last one on the truck, you know. 'Cause sometimes it happened before, that they closed the truck with the, with the, with the nurses and everybody, you know. And they take you to...

To the crematorium?

They say, "Try to stay away from the door, not to be on the truck." So that's like a black wall they had, used to come and written off like execution, you know. Everything sabotage. They had the soldiers, the German soldiers. One time I see a priest with a big cross.

And they were shot?

Every two weeks they clean them up.

And they shot him, against the black wall?

Yeah, they had some silencers so you wouldn't hear, and just read execution papers, that's all.

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