Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992

Counterfeit Money

So, they would give you the money?

They sold it. They needed the money. They need it. That's why every time they need some money to buy food, they sold a piece, you know.

To you?

You know, Warsaw was very wealthy Jewish people. We bought it, we took it, we smuggled it into the Germany, you know. Then we had Germans that buy it, business people. They used to buy it, you know.

German soldiers? Businessmen?

No, no, no.


Civilians and they was fooled mostly. They pay, they pay any price. They don't know, when they, when they open it, it was supposed to be gold. It was counterfeit, you know. In Warsaw, they have whole factories going counterfeit dollars. Counterfeit.


Rubles, you know, counterfeit American gold dollars. You know how? They gild it. Like they put gold, they put, they put like a quarter inside, and they gild it and they stamp it. And same thing with dollars. You know how they counterfeit dollars. So the Germans would have bought all the dollars and after the war, they wouldn't have nothing anyway.

Did you work alone in this?

No, there was a whole group. Usually we, meet there, you know. They meet on the halfway. You see, all night I used to have to go about thirty, forty kilometers, until I get to another station, you know, a smaller station, where they didn't stay all the time. See, we know everything.

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