Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992

Nursing Home I

Are there other things you remember about the war period, besides Auschwitz? Most?

About the war. Oh, there's so many things I never described, no. I tell you, I don't care if I'm there tomorrow morning. I don't care if I get up there tomorrow. Only one wish I have. If I die I want to die in sleep, you know, I, dehydration. But not ??? and not hospital. Especially not a Jewish nursing home, it's the worse, it's the worse, you know. I was in a Jewish Home of Aging. It's a Jewish torture house. It's another Auschwitz. A plain torture house.

Why? Why do you say that?

By the way they treat you. They, they hit you.

Where is this? In Detroit?

Yeah, Jewish Home of Aging. Seven Mile by ???


Forma Holden. I name it Jewish Home for the Dying. It's a Jewish torture house. All, all black...They surrounded the place. And nobody would say nothing. In the night, asking for the light, they don't comfort you, nothing. No help, nothing. I throw a black guy, I throwed him, a, you know, a heavy vase of cologne. I throwed him right in...

In the hospital?

In the nursing home. I told him, get out of here, don't ever come here or I shoot you, I says. He was thinking I have a gun. If you ever come in this room, I say, I kill you, I shoot you.

What did he do to you?

Why, see what happened. They take for themselves. They just take for themselves. They should be really wrote up, you know, to the Jewish Federation, to the, where they get their money. They steal everything from you. You see, I was in, in Forma hospital, when I had a stroke, you know.


In Beaumont, I went, I paid myself, I went to a small ??? Utica, Michigan. They call it ??? sort of like a family business. Half of the owner was German, you know. ??? Old people...They kill 'em for their money, for their check.

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