Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992


So you were among Jews again.

Not really. My, my partner was not Jewish, he was Polish. And he's the only friend that I have today. He, when I call him up to bring me something, he just like this.

And he's Polish.

Yeah, he's Polish. Out of all the Catholic. You know why I get along with no Jewish? I never discuss religion. I told one time a friend, you want to be friends? Just never, never mention religion to me? I don't believe, not, not in Jesus, I don't believe in Moses. I mean ??? I wasn't there when these things happened. I gotta tell you this, I read in the Jewish news, the Forward. You know, I couldn't, they send it to me. There's a joke where this, this black man in Harlem, New York, you know. He stayed always in a corner. So this, this, this black woman, a middle-aged woman. She always seemed to stay in the corner, she say, what are you doing here all the time. I say, I don't have where to go, I come from the South. I have no money, no place where to sleep. Oh, Jesus, you, you got a face like Jesus, you look like Jesus. I tell you what to do, why don't you go to, to this church there, you know. They look at your face, they give you the ??? they give you enough money. They give you enough money. He think, boy, this is nice. Keep it. Here's the key to here. ??? They give him a bag with money. He going around with it. And he did it every week. One time he think, I always see the Jews got lots of money. Why don't I try to go in a synagogue. Maybe they give me more money. So, he went, he went, and he went on the altar you know, and he stayed there, he don't say nothing. Nobody knew, nobody knew. ??? Tell me, who are you? I'm Jesus, he said. So you know what the ??? say, he hollered, hey, come bring me a hammer and four big nails.

This was in the Forward?

It was a joke.

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