Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992

Making Pocketbooks II

So, you learned how to sew pocketbooks.

Yeah, he, yeah, he... Tailor ask you, what kind of language else you talk. Say German, Italian. Oh, Italian. I got some Italian foreman here. He called Phil. He called the guy Phil. Take him with you, teach him the. You know, stuff to peddle in, in the factory.

What did you peddle?

Clothing to buy an auction, to buy on weekends, you know.

Dresses, coats.

Dresses. Children's stuff, you know. You have to pay, we have a week once we get paid.

So, where did you finally settle in New York?


Where did you finally live in New York? Did you stay for any time in New York?

I settled after, after I lived in Walden I lived, after ??? New York. You know ??? New York? Right by the Catskill Mountains.

Oh, yeah.

Nice lake, never the country club. Remember the country club at the Honeymoon Hotel?


He owns the Fontainebleau in Miami too. His name is Schlotzky, I remember. Sometimes I can't remember, now I remember. I got a, I got a nice memory. His name is Schlotsky. I know, I used to go to, to Miami. If we go in there, he was there. He didn't, he didn't pay no charge.

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