Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992


This was the UNRRA.

So I give him the money.

The man from UNRRA.

No, not, not, not.

He didn't want to change money.

No, only I was giving it. I meet him and he ask what I'm doing. You see, I live in Bari. I say, if you are resident, I, I give you a tip. See, we sell lots of goods, you know. What they have for ??? so we can buy fresh fruit for the table, you know. For the kitchen ??? And the goods we got, it's like, clothing mostly. See, they come with wool, they bring it ??? or they send it with the, the American Navy boat. If nobody wants them, they're not good, they're old. If they don't fit, you know, they don't, they don't like it. ??? as a resident, I could put a bet on it, you know. I put a bet one time on 50,000 dresses, you believe. ??? was filled. In fact, I know exact every bit of how many, you know, I have written down every, how many. And I wrote it and I keep it. But let me tell you, a friend of mine, named ???. He was a wealthy man before the war. And I keep it for him and I paid him, you know, for storage. When I sold it he helped me sell it.

Make a lot of money?

Yeah, I make money, see. I used to go, I used to go every, every week there's a market, every day, to see how many dresses they land, they sell, you know. I know I sell so much more. I don't want to overload the market.

But did you sell to the man from UNRRA?


This man that you met on the train?

Yeah, I made him pay, he was going to Milano too.

Did you sell something to him?

No, no.

[interruption in interview]

He the one teach me what to do. He told me what to do.


No, he was a real American boy, American guy, you know. He didn't know nothing.


He wasn't like the Jews, you know. ??? And after I start with this, I start to buy from the Joint too, you know the Joint? All, all the ???

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