Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992


You also said you went to Casablanca with a French Jewish...

Half Jewish, now she tell me she's Jewish too. She, she saved ???

Was this before or after you were married?

No, this in Italy. I meet her in a nightclub in Naples, Italy.

Before Bari.

No, this was 1947.

Before you were married.

Yeah, before I was married.

What happened to the, what happened to the French woman?

I don't know. She, she, she worked for the, for the Vogue magazine. You know, the ladies' magazine Vogue. She worked la moda, a la moda department. I tell you I was in, I was going to night school one night right on Naples, on the border, near al mare, the coast. So I hear in front of me three girls and they talk in French. So I bought a bottle, I asked her ??? She sent him a bottle of champagne. Didn't cost more than a dollar, a dollar fifty at the time, of 700 liters. So they come over, they come over there to get me and they say, "Can we join you?" And I say, "Yeah, go ahead." I start to talk to her... She was a good looking girl. I made a date with her for, for dinner, uh, there. I was visiting in Naples.

You were visiting. Who were you visiting?

I want to go to the Consul.

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