Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Abraham Mondry - June 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 1992

Town of Ebensee I

Do you think people were going crazy?

I was from a walk of a near hospital. When the war finished, I get up, I put my, my coat on, you know. And I went out, you know, I went out in the city of smoke, city of Ebensee

You were able to walk.

[interruption in interview]

You see what it is, the people didn't care, they're just alive, you know. They know they catch 'em, they, they shot 'em. But they didn't care, you know. All of a sudden, if I have a stomach, what I'm going to...

So, they were desperate for food.

Yeah, how long can you just go once you get there ??? Everybody was going around with bowls, you know. Here, here. Was the effects.

But you were, you could walk now.

Yeah, I could walk.

So you walked into Ebensee.

I mean, I couldn't walk good, but I walked.

What happened when you went into the town?

I will look for food. There was somebody tell, hey go in there, there's sugar. They will... They find, they find um, the ??? and they find all sugar. You know, bag with sugar. ??? have to put in the packet. Eating sugar, you know. All got sick after, diarrhea. Everybody was going out with packets of sugar.

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