Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Paul Molnar - July 24, 2002


And I-my uncle and I, there were about uh, twenty-five hundred it was, we were all Hungarian Jews who were just sent to, to Buch...to Buchenwald and we were put on the cattle car again, we were sent to Magdeburg, which is a large city in eastern part of Germany, about a half a million people. And we were taken to a camp, which was just built, which was a miniature of all these other camps. It only about twenty-five hundred people. It had a, uh, it had all the barbed wire and it had all the towers. And we had a.

What was the camp?

Uh, Magdeburg, Magdeburg.

So it, it was a city.

Magdeburg, like city of half a million people. And uh, we had a Lagerälteste who was the prisoner who was a German, he was a German who was in charge of the all the prisoners, the top prisoner. And then we had Blockältestes, which were, uh.


barracks, charge. These again, prisoners, they were Gentiles, no Jews were in that position. We had Kapos who led the people uh, when they went to work, they were in charge of 'em, they were Gentiles.

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