Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Ben Moche - April 24, 2009

Experiences During the War

Okay, okay. Alright so, tell me about what happened uh, during the war, in the Holocaust to your, to your family, to yourself uh, tell me the history?

Well, you know, some of it is what I've been told, you know.


Um, my father was sent to working camp together with my grandfather, you know.


And I don't know about my uncle, and um, I uh, I don't remember when I met my father or I think remember my father for the first time must have been two or three years old, you know.


Um, he uh, they weren't sent away like, you know, like uh, I mean we were lucky in, in Romania um, I mean they killed Jews in Romania.


But they um, it wasn't like Hungary, they didn't pick them up and, as far as I know, and send them to uh, you know, to places to the gas chambers.


Things like that.


It was mainly working camp or they killed them.


You know, they took one time, and that's what I've been told, a bunch of Jews by the river over there and they had them dig their own graves and then shot them all.

Hm, hm.

And my grandfather, I never met my grandfather, I mean, I met him as a baby but I don't remember my grandfather from my father's side.


Because he was put in a train and the train was going 'til they all died, you know, they were...

Mm-hm. BM Drinking the urine from one another just to get...

Oh my.


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