Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lucy Glaser Merritt - July 8, 1991


Um, during your stay in England was there any attempt to contact relatives in, either in Galicia or.

Not through England.

In Austria.

Oh, from over here? They uh, had a ???

While you were there, while you were in England.

Uh, while we were in England we couldn't,

No possibility.

couldn't get through. No. There was no. When we came to the States my father got one more letter from his brother. And they had-my uncle he used the Hebrew word for meat, which I don't know what it is. And he said, Aunt Meat--in Hebrew--has not been seeing us lately. So my father knew that he didn't have very much to eat. You know, he sent him this coded message.

Mm-hm. Because it was a censored letter.


Was the letter censored?

Yes. Oh, they were all censored. And then the next letter that he sent him, he said that the address, he had moved to a destination unknown. And that was the end. And then we found out that he was killed. He and his wife. My grandmother luckily died in '41. So those relatives we all knew what happened to them.

Where were they taken?

Uh, somewhere near Prague. That's where he lived. And they were bludgeoned to death. They were, were not taken to any camp. It was a one of those deals where they lined them up.

The Einsatzgruppen.

Yeah. And apparently there was always one person left who, who witnessed it. My mother knew that a large family of hers, she got all the details which she didn't need you know, from someone who had seen it. She'd have been better off not to know.

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