Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Lucy Glaser Merritt - July 8, 1991


Telling, telling you that they were leaving for the States.

No, they didn't leave for the States. Uh, a quota didn't come up and it was in August. I managed to get a temporary quota for them to come to England. So they came to England. They joined me in England. Their quota still hadn't come up, the quota didn't come up 'til September by which time it would have been too late.

So they came, when in August? Do you remember when?

In August, two weeks before the war started. Yeah, it was, it was touch and go.

So they too went by train through, through Germany.

Yeah, that was the only way to go.

Did your father suspect there was going to be a war?

Well, he suspected that uh, a catastrophe was coming. His older brother had always talked about it. They thought in terms--because Hitler was always talking about conquest. But what they thought is that he would lose right away. But he did much better than what uh, they had hoped.

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