Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Simon Maroko - February 19 & 26, 1986

Saved by Farmer's Wife

Um, you mentioned a couple of times when um, the farmer's wife surprised you with her quick thinking.

On one occasion. On other occasions we had a very low opinion of her IQ. In Holland farmers had a reputation of not being very intelligent. ???

But when the Germans came she seemed to...

It was almost like a miracle. Unbelievable. They ??? Saved my life, for sure. And her husband.

Okay, where are we in your chronology right now?

It's '45, and ???. In fact the shipping of flour and margarine was permitted by the Germans to be delivered uh, originally from Sweden. Um, I had my coupons which I got as the result from having that false I.D. from the army. I have the original here with me. And on the back of that uh, they stamped it and the person was given a few others ???. And based upon that, those coupons, I also got my share. And the white flour bread. Plus the margarine was like, like ???. It was unbelievable. I don't know. Sweets have uh, seems they always occupied a soft spot in my heart. Later on we saw that obviously Allied plane with, with a English or American signs on the wings. It came flying over very low over the dike. And we waved and saw that the pilot was waving back. These were things ???. Um, very close to the end of the war... In fact, after the war in England and German Strike ??? the farmer's wife was ???. And after that Allied planes were permitted by the Germans to drop ???.

After ???

This was at the end of the ???. I remember around that time I had a weekly ration of bread which was about uh, maybe an inch thick and we wanted to slice the bread thinly. Therefore, on purpose we let it become very dry, as hard as a stone. So we, we sliced a piece of it up. ??? the bread because it was very good. We were in a ??? never formally ???. Berlin radio ???. One day the farmer and I, we realized the war is over because we could listen to the radio and they said that ??? soldiers already had been seen uh, several miles from ???. So there came a day when I woke up and the ???. On that day I did not get up. I was as depressed as a person can be and did not want to face the reality of most likely ???. I dreaded the thing. As much as I was looking forward to it, I dreaded it because I had the feeling that this might ??? that they were not my parents...

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