Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Simon Maroko - February 19 & 26, 1986

Farmer's Wife

Did you have any contact with his wife?

Um, she was the one who uh, was most of the times with us when he, when the farmer himself was working outside. She, she's the one who uh, who told us do this, don't do this. Sometimes, especially when uh, I remember when the, the ??? Jewish family was hidden also. We were told in the middle of the day, hey ??? because??? because some Germans had been seen. And uh, especially the others. They were, they felt it was terrible, they felt almost harassed. But uh, my philosophy was anything goes and not to say no. Maybe my background of--that I was raised in Holland. I had heard from my parents what life was like in Eastern Europe. In contrast to these three, especially the man himself. The Jew was. And he was a Dutch Jew. And he uh, experience, yes, you must be flexible, you must be struggle in order to ???.

This other Jewish family, you had known them before?

Never before.


??? I remember the conversations I had with this man. He had been a businessman in so many different things. At one time he was selling vegetables by the uh, railroad cars whole...wholesale. And at another time he was selling advertisements for magazines and he was telling me how he was ???. Extremely interesting things, but uh, my background was not in merchant, I mean, commerce or anything like that.

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