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Simon Maroko - February 19 & 26, 1986

Note to Family

This is part two of an interview with Dr. Simon Maroko conducted on Wednesday, February 26, 1986 at the Jewish Community Center.

Last time we talked you mentioned a couple of things, which I'd like to go back to. One um, you said that there was someone who was going to, or told you that you would be able to get to England. And you were even um, even went so far as to write a farewell note to your family.

A letter.

A farewell letter to your family. Did you write the letter?

I actually wrote the letter.

What did you say in the letter? Do you remember?

I don't think I directly remember, but it--if I have to try and uh, guess uh, I explained to them what the situation was and that uh, I intended to do so and uh, I wished them well, something like, of that nature.

Was it a hard decision to make to, to--I realize you didn't do it, but was it a hard decision to make to...

It was hard and then not, because uh, I realize this might uh, be my life saver.

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