Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Herman Marczak - May 12, 1982


Was there a large Zionist movement?

There was all kinds of Zionist organizations. It was all because the Zionist Movement consisted from different parties. There was party which Ben Gurion was the leader and...


...there was the general Zionists--there was party where Jabotinksy was the leader, you know, and all the, all that branches from those--in a city like this. They all got their organizations...

The Betar?

Betar, yeah. They all got.

And the Bund?

The Bund was...


That was a socialist orga...party. They did very, they did a very uh, impressive work between the poorest pe...segment of the population.

Did they?

Yeah, yeah, to give them some kind of dignity. To try there was, there was ver...let's say a few ??? uh, parents who didn't have the intelligence enough to care about education, so when they came in those, a group of kids grew up like this they took them in and they uh, made courses, you know. If a person who was--he didn't have to be a teacher, if he could offer something to, to teach somebody, teach he did it, you know. It was a very important activity between the Jewish population, especially between the very, the very--because it was very--a lot of people were very, very poor.

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