Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Herman Marczak - May 12, 1982

Hearing of a Gentile Woman Living in the Ghetto

Oh you knew about the Łódż...

Yeah, we were only thirty, about forty minute drive from Łódż, you know, the...

I understand there were some people that were sent to the Łódż ghetto.

Yeah, we--I was in the Łódż ghetto too. We were sent there.

Oh you were sent there.

Yeah, always, anyhow, so we knew there was a big ghetto in Łódż because there was a--we, all of a sudden appeared a, a German in the ghetto in Zduńska Wola. Uh, and uh, the way that this--the story spread that he had a brother-in-law, a high SS officer and he was a Jew and he was married to that S...SS officer's sister.

Say that again, that doesn't--I'm sorry.

Yeah. That man supposed to have been a brother-in-law to an SS officer. He was married to this SS officer's sister.


She was a goy--the German...


...and he was a Jew. And...

She was a goy and he was a Jew.

He was a Jew, yeah. And, and they sent him from Germany to the ghetto in Łódż. They, they sent German Jews. And from, you know, from Germany, to, see, the ghetto in Łódż and they sent him and his wife went with him.


Yeah, she didn't want to part with him. So, and then that SS officer found out about that. So he wanted to get his sister out. So he took them both out. He, he took his sister to the city in Łódż and him he sent to Zduńska Wola to the ghetto and he, and he gave him a job in the Jewish police, you know. And he, he spread the rumor what's going on in the Łódż ghetto, that...

Oh, I see.

...they bring in people from small cities and things like this, you know, so...

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