Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007


So, I was in ghetto for the beginning in 1941 to the end 1943. Two years in terrible ghetto and ghetto was same like uh, concentration camp. It was, you know, terrible. I was, I was five years from beginning and seven years when it, when it finish. When it was, it was over, they killed, destroyed all... everything. So, I remember... This time uh, child have good memory. Very good memory, especially when it's, you know, a extremely situation. So, all our children who were--it was many children--many children were, were so sharp and so brave and so smart, so we can, we can understand, you know, whole situation. Not... We could not explain why, but we see what happened ??? We can understand behave our parents, grandparents, children. Like all the children in the world, we play. That I remember. We, we play and hide ‘em? You know...

Hide and seek.

...or, or stores, you know? Very simple, very simple. And ghetto was, ghetto was around a wire, wire uh, I don't know what it is.

This is a map of Minsk.

I want to know what...

This is the ghetto.

Yeah. Where in Minsk? ??? Yes, they, they surround, surround with wire. I want to see what it was made out of. Oh, barbed wire. Barbed wire, I forgot. You know, um...

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