Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007


Um, well, you said there were religious families. Uh, did they go to, go to shul?

Yeah. Yeah uh, you can only understand I, I was grown in uh, you know, a ??? communism, communism. And, uh... So, it was forbidden. It was a forbidden, uh...


Religious, yes. No book. No talk about that. Yiddish was only uh, in small family type... family that can talk where nobody, nobody can listen and we children didn't understand.

So what, what did your parents speak at home?


They spoke Yiddish?

Yiddish, yes, yes. In that way, I little understand uh, common, common uh, home language, Yiddish. That's all. And I can't tell you that they definitely were religious, but I can, I can imagine that they are. They were religious.

So, you didn't go to cheder?



No. I go... I was pioneer. Pioneer. Do you know what a pioneer uh, does?


Yeah. In communism.

So, what was that like? What did you learn there?

Well, I was in school up to war. After war it was 1945...


...and I missed one year because it was, you know, we were in ghetto and uh, so after that my mom find father.

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