Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Esther Lupian - 2007

Malyy Trostenets

Had you ever heard of Malyy Trostenets.



It's in, uh, Trostenets? It's in Belorussia. Trostenets

Near Minsk?

Yeah, and uh, also it was terrible... It was village, village where... Yeah, where big statute. It's empty village like, like museum now. Uh...

They, they took a lot of Jews there and killed them.

Oh yeah.

Had you heard of that place?

Trostenets, of course, yes.

Everybody knew what was going on there?

Yes, yes. I know that many get heroes um, they hide mans, but they're Jewish and they work uh, with... They work outside of ghetto because they want to not show that they are Jewish woman and they were ??? You know, partisan ???


Famous uh, Belorussian. He was Jew and he killed Kuba, Kuba.


Kuba he killed and many years he didn't know that he was Jew. No, only, only after maybe forty years and now it's main street of ??? because ??? sound like not Jew uh, last name. Many, many people was very, very brave hero and, you know, political ??? dirt. Yeah.

What about Sobibor? Did, did you... Did you hear the name Sobibor?

Sobi... What is Sobi?

Sobibor was another death camp and some people from Minsk were sent to uh, Sobibor.

It sound different ??? I show you... ??? And uh, that book um, it says about my brother Gresha and about my uncle Isaac and, you know, um ??? she was, she was uh, political chief in big, big partisan group. She knows my mom very well and she was witness of my, my... She was witness of my partici... participant in ghetto ??? very famous and she alive in New York now. She lives in New York. She's really, really old and very weak.

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