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Edward Linson - November 10, 1981


Can I ask you just one, one or two more questions?

Ask me as long you want. By the way I will make coffee for you guys.

That'll be very nice. Do you have any children?

Yes, one boy.

Is he in Detroit?

No, he is in Israel.

He lives in Israel?

Right now, yes. Twenty-three years old. He is--to tell you the truth, he went, he went to the Lubavitcher.

Did you li...are you--were pleased about that?

Yes. Why not? Listen he belongs in the--and he is very happy about it and he is a good uh, artist painter and he is a sculptor. And he didn't want--they sent me a letter from the school when he graduate uh, to, to make sure that he is going to the art academy without money and he didn't want it.

Are you going to Israel--have you been?

I, I been, yes. I, I have been twice. And I like to go settle over there, so I will seek and I couldn't.

But was--you said before the war you had thought about going to Israel.

Yes, we all--as a matter of fact we got the cousins--what I am saying--the name is uh, Davison. My sister, she was a medical doctor. She took her diary, what she possess--the money. The, the same year when Pi?sudski died, 1937. She sa...she went to this uh, Polish president and she ask him for the, for the--for this people, said "We got to go to Israel." in 1937 she got for them. At that time was the president ???. He was a nice man. He got killed too the same like ???. Let me make a, a little coffee...

Thank you very much.

Yeah, this will be, by the way...

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