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Edward Linson - November 10, 1981

End of the War

Did you know what was happened, that they lost?


Did you know they were losing the war?

Yes, we know, we, we saw it. We saw it. One time there is goodbye. One time all of us, "Ee, ee, ee," decide we going. So we saw--we knew the whole thing. So, to tell you the truth, how this is a, a--from a person. From Magdeburg I come back to Berlin by foot with the guys, because I was scared to go. I thought they, they will catch me. I wasn't again. So they will catch us and they will shoot us. So we went with, also with a few of the Volks German, you heard about Volks German?


So they took us to Sachsenhausen. And from Sachsenhausen, from Sachsenhausen to Schwerin. And this was goodbye, no more war. And here we came to the--to this, to this place, Schwerin Mecklenburg. So they don't let you in, with the, with the, with the stripes. So I, I got a boy from uh, Częstochowa, his name is uh, ???. His name is uh, ???. I says, "???"--he likes me and I like him--a nice boy, a tall guy. I says, "You see, ??? I lay down, the Red Cross is going through, hold 'em back and they will take me, so you will jump too, my brother." This was, this was--so I came to this uh, Schwerin Mecklenburg and I start organizing. You wouldn't believe it. I--we saw a little place around the, the, the place where the whole business center is. So a woman come to me and says "???." She's half Jewish and the husband was killed--he didn't come back. So she says to me, "It's a one guy is back. He is from the Luftwaffe and he is against the Jews and he is uh, making propaganda eh, eh." And she told me how he looks and where he lives and uh, what his parents are doing. So we went over there, we took him out. We give him, we give him, we give him the business. So one night was uh, the American--the next morning was the English, the third day was the Russian.

Did you kill the Luftwaffe man?

This I cannot uh, tell you. This is against the law.

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