Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Edward Linson - November 10, 1981

Dealing with the SS Guards

Do you remember Hess? Did you ever see him?

Hess? Yes, I saw, I saw Majdanek I uh, the woman, what she was uh, in court. I, I forgot her name.




She, she give me a bit of feet. This was all uh, we had a--from metal a dish. We have always the dish with us. So some SS man he give me something to go through the--through this uh, through this place where they are searching us. Not always. So she saw something from far away and she come to me "Wer ???," "Who give me this." Listen, I cannot say the SS man, he would take the gun and shoot me down right away on, on place. I got the nerve to say it--just for the nerve to say it. So I know the, the business. Like you got here all the guys in the, in the--what you call 'em, they know how to, to act in the prisons. This was with me. I knew. Was very bad, very bad.

And that...

And people got to see the, the, the, the swastika should go with the people in ??? to hell. You remember they--that they take the, the boys from the high school into the Nazi party here. It's very bad. I am very scared here. The Jews got the money, the Jews got the brains, the Jews got everything. The Zionist--now we got the Zionist. This has nothing to do with the Zionist, it has to do with the whole nation. Very bad.

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