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Edward Linson - November 10, 1981


The following is an interview with Mr. Edward Linson on November 10, 1981 conducted in the evening at his home in Oak Park. The interviewer is Professor Sidney Bolkosky.

Tell, tell us your name and, and um...


...and where you're from.

My name is--the first name not uh, not Americanized, Elias Linson. And I was born in Warsaw, Poland 1919, May the 17. And my parents were very highly educated people. And uh, I was, I was looking forward to be...to become a medical doctor and a singer, because I got a voice--a, a high voice--a tenor. And uh, during the war, although I was taking--soon as the, the German comes into Warsaw I was taken to a different work. For instance, I was working in Skoda, a factory from uh, heavy machinery. And I was doing the same like the Polacks. If they would know I am a Jew they would kill me inside. Without another word, the Polack--they, they could smell a Jew thirty kilometers away. And this is not a joke. That's why uh, the Germans they established a crematoriums in Poland. The fabric of death, and this is a shameful things and I, I am that person not ashamed to say the Catholic Church is guilty too. And beside it--Catholic Church--the whole world is guilty about it, uh, of this crimes. Very unusually. Nobody can say that uh, this didn't happen. For instance I saw lots of, lots of killing.

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