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Helen Lang - February 23, 1982

Cultural Life

I see. What, what kind of a cultural life was there in Munkacs? I mean, did, were there plays...


...uh, movies...

There was, there was a movie--one movie house. There was--not in the summertime but every winter there was a theater. You know, sometimes even the Jewish people, you know, from Polish--I remember my mother used to go and see it...

A Yiddish theater.

...you know, the Yiddish theater. Once in awhile, you know, they came down. So uh, well, what else? Uh, we had a, a, you know, which was uh, the Hebrew uh, how should I say? It's not a high school but a gymnasium we called it.


That was only in our town, you know. There was a lot of schooling by us, educationally.

Was there a rebbe in Munkacs?

Oh yeah, very famous.

Do you remember his name? Was, did he...

Uh, I can't remember but I could ask my brother and he, you know...

All right. He was a Cha...a Chasid?

He was--very much. Oh, he was very famous, very famous rabbi. The Munkacs rebbe. Oh my gosh. A very famous. I, I--first of all they didn't even, I mean, call him by the name, they just called him by the Munkacs rebbe.

The rebbe.

You know, so I, I don't remember about that.

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