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Helen Lang - February 23, 1982

Hearing Word of Brothers

In the meantime, the bus took us to the YMCA, you know, there. We had nothing. So they took us there. Okay. I said to my sister, I says, "You know what? Let me go out on the street and look around, maybe if I'll see somebody." I go out and I go a few streets and I see a boy from Munkacs. That boy--tell you the truth, I wouldn't even look after him if I would see him in Munkacs...


...but when I saw him I start to hug him and kiss him. You know, I says, "Oh it's so nice to see somebody from home." I says, "Tell me, do you know anybody is alive from my bro..." He knew my brothers, he knew my family. He says, "Look," he says, "I know your two brothers is alive. I know your brother-in-law is alive." I says, "Go to this place," you know, he told me the same thing, and you'll see them. Okay, so I went back to my sister was telling at the YMCA. And I told her whom did I meet. And I said, "We have to go at night to that place." She says, "You know what, I'll stay here," you know. We had a little few soap and a little underwear, you know. She says, "I'm going to take care of this here." She said, "You go." I says, "Okay, I'm going." I go there in the evening--I meet there lots of 'em from Munkacs and I say, "How about my brother? How about my brother-in-law?" There is one guy says, "Look, I have a ticket with your brother-in-law tomorrow afternoon is a very important soccer game is playing. It's, it's, you know, very famous." He says, "You know what, I sacrifice my ticket. I want you to go," you know. "Here is the ticket, you go tomorrow." Because nobody knew where my brother-in-law lives. You know, they get together there and that's as far as they, they go. So I went back and I told that to my sister. I said, "Tomorrow we're going to go to the soccer field--to the soccer..." you know, it's a big stadium in Prague.

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