Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Helen Lang - February 23, 1982

Meeting Polish Prisoner Again

He was in Stutthof.

Stutthof. He says to me, "Wie gehts?" you know, it's like in German, "How you doing?" I says, "I'm doing all right." I says, "How are you doing?" He says, "I'm doing all right." He said, "It's too bad that you left from here." I says, "No," I says, "I am with my sister." I said, "That's all I wanted." He said, "I'm sorry I couldn't take out your sister." And that was it. That was our conversation. In the meantime I says to, to uh, Macha, "There is some girls from Munkacs, I know them, they have the red things too. Let me sleep with them." The next day I'm going to go through all the, the places and see if I could find somebody who I know because I think seventeen girls we took back--we have to bring seventeen back--healthy ones. So I slept there with these girls, you know, with my frie...friends--they were from Munkacs. Next day, she says to a German woman--Macha tells to a German woman, she says, "I want you to take..." she pointed at me, "to all the camps and she has to select seventeen girls. You better take her around and whoever she, she tells you to pick, you gonna..."

[interruption in interview]

...I couldn't find one familiar face. They weren't there anymore. They were taking 'em away someplace. I couldn't find anybody. So then I told her--I says, "Macha, I couldn't find anybody. I couldn't--they're, they're, they're not there anymore. They took them away." So she picked seventeen girls and we went back to Praust.

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