Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Helen Lang - February 23, 1982

Writing a French Prisoner in Camp II

Macha started to hit.

Macha did it, yes. And she lined up all the girls there. If they going to do it, that's what's going to happen to them. That girl--I think that that girl--I don't think she lasted too long because her kidney--there was something wrong with the kidneys already. That thick square--she was hitting her twenty five like this, she was going. She didn't have any strength anymore when it came to seventeen and eighteen. And she was hur...doing it. Twenty...had to be twenty-five. When my sister saw it, she says, "Please, stop doing it. Stop writing your, your uh, guy. Don't do it, please don't do it." She was sick about it. Can you imagine me who takes care of her is--she's going to catch with--and he was writing "Dear Helenka," my name was Helenka in Hungarian, you know, that she knew it would be me because my name was Helenka. She says, "I, I couldn't live through that to see that she should do that to you." But I did it.

You continued anyway?

I continued anyway.

Did you ever meet him, talk to him?

I never. I ne...I saw him just so close like you are. Once we went someplace and he was there with the rest of the guys and he came and looked at me. That's all. Never spoke to each other. But I heard after the war he went to Munk...because he asked for my address. And I gave it to him and somebody told me that he was in Munkacs to look for me. I mean, this was just a little inspiration in the Lager--in the concentration camp. There was nothing serious with me, you know. But something, you know, to look...

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