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Helen Lang - February 23, 1982

Being a Maid to an SS Woman II

To more than just this one woman?

To the both of them.

To both women.

Both women, but one of 'em, I think, there was no need for her to be there. They sent her away. So I remained only with that one woman.


Macha, yeah. And I took care of her. As I say, I was like her mother, you know. I got up at four o'clock. I went late--you see, they lived--the Germans lived like outside from the camp, you know. So every night I had to even put her to sleep to take care of her, and then I could leave. So it was already night--ten o'clock at night when I left. And I had to go in around four o'clock in the morning to take of her, to water--start the--a fire, you know, in the little oven there and to warm up for her the water and wash her and, you know, things like that. And, uh...

What--do you remember any of the names of any other guards? Any, any, any uh, specific times when they were...

No. We never called them by names.

Yeah. Did the, did the guards...

We didn't....

...talk to the prisoners?

Some of 'em didn't say one word because they couldn't stand it what was going on. They were afraid to, to say something. Turn it off.

[interruption in interview]

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