Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Helen Lang - February 23, 1982

Leaving Stutthof

What, what did you do each day in the...

Nothing. In Stutthof.

Nothing. And what--in Birkenau? Were you wor...


Nothing there either.

Nothing. See were that type of a girls that they were transporting them for work. Some place wherever we were needed. As I say, five thousand girls went from Birkenau to Stutthof. And from Stutthof there they were deciding where--which, you know, how many go wherever. So then they took us. They were standing--we were standing outside. Took us out from all the bunkers and that, because I had a red ribbon, I didn't have to stay in the line no more. I was helping to put the people they should stay in the line, you know. So then there was that Polish fellow too. He said, "You know, you don't have to go if you don't want to." I says, "Where are we going?" He says, "I don't know." He--I says uh, and my sister was already lined up, you know, and they were counting five hundred girls to go where, I don't know. He says to me, "Don't go." I says, "Can you take out my sister from the line?" He says, "No she is in the front and the German's there, I cannot do it." I said, "Then I am going. If you can't do nothing for my sister there," I said, "then I'm going." He says, "Don't go." I said, "Take out"--you know that was going on, "take out my sister here." We couldn't talk like this because the Germans were there. You know, just a little bit ??? I went this way, he went that way. He said, "Don't go, don't go." I says, "Take out my sister." He says, "I can't." You know, it was going on like this. So it was the, the close to five hundred the girl, you know. And my sister--poor my sister's looking, looking if I'm coming or coming. Here I was hoping he's going to take her out, but he, he kept on saying, "I can't do it. Look at the Germans, they don't want to move from there. I can't take her out." I was the five hundred. I says, "If you don't take out my sister than I'm going." And I went with them.

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