Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Helen Lang - February 23, 1982

Transfer to Stutthof

Where is, is this in France?

No, that was Poland.

In Poland, okay.

That's Poland.

Because there's a Struthof.


Yeah, Stutthof. Okay.

Stutthof. We arrived five thousand girls from Auschwitz in Stutthof. In Stuffhof that--we have no hair. You know, they cut off--maybe it start to grow like this because we were a month in Auschwitz. So we arrived in, in Stutthof, five thousand girls. And there, there were some German--not German--they were some French uh, uh, soldiers they took, the Germans captured. But we were wired, you know. We were all wired in. We were separate and they were separate. And they looked at us and they thought they didn't know what, what's going on here? They said, "What is this, that human?" And one of them threw a bottle and I caught it and it was milk. And I said to my sister, I says, "Can you imagine? Look what I caught." They threw us--they threw some soap, they threw chocolate, you know, the girls were all thin--and I caught that milk and I says, "Shari, come look what we got." So we--both of us, you know, we drank it. It was something that--what can I tell you? So after that--so soon as we they let us go into the, the--to the camp and there was a Polish guy and he looked at me, he says--yeah, we had already numbers on the dresses--so he said to me, "You know what?" He...

Were you tattooed?

No tattooed. No, no tattooed. Just on the dress...

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