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Helen Lang - February 23, 1982

Arrow Cross Party

Do you remember the um, a name, do you remember Admiral Horthy?

Horthy? Miklos?



What did your family feel about him? Or what did you feel about him? Did you know anything about him?

I didn't know nothing about him. I know he didn't like--I heard that he didn't like the Jews.

And the uh, somebody named Imrédy?



What was he? It's a familiar, his name.

Prime minister of Hungary.

Prime minister. Imrédy. It rings a bell but I, I, I don't recall.

Do you remember any of the prime ministers? Sztójay um, or Szálasi?

Szálasi? Oh, Szálasi was the biggest stinking--Budapest going on with the Hakenkreuz.



Did you see him?

No, no, no. But the pictures were all over of him in, in Budapest when I was there.

Ah in Buda...when was that? In...

I was--I went to Budapest I think it was in '40 or '41.

And the pictures were there then.

Oh, of course, the building where there are--on the ??? Street. There, you know, they had their headquarters there and there was the big picture of him. And, and I didn't even want to look at him.

Do you remember the name of the group that he was with?

Uh, well...

The Arrow Cross.

Szálasi uh, they called it...

Was it the Arrow Cross party, do you remember?

It was the Cross--the, the Hakenkreuz.

The Hungarian Nazi Party.

Yes, that's right.

Do you remember when he became prime minister in 1944?

Forty four?


He did? I don't know.

Well, of course, that's the time when you were gone...

That's the time they took--when we were gone, of course. No, I, I didn't, you know. No, I don't remember. I know that they hanged him, or they did something to him.

At the end, yeah.

Too bad...

Too bad.

...they--that they just did that.

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