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Henry Krystal - September 19, 1996


Uh, so you were taken to Starachowice, the camp, because you had an Arbeitskart. What were you going to do there?

Well uh, I was, I was put. There were two camps in Starachowice. Uh, the Strelnice was one which was, the camp was on top of a mountain and uh, there, there was the, another camp for craftsman that worked for the Germans uh, downstairs. And uh, of that same camp and the water supply, a stream was there and a kitchen was there. And I, I was taken up to that, the camp up and in the process I was separated from my friend Chaim. And I um, saw a line which I, the people said that it was a line to go down and to get some water. This was a very hot day and I had uh, you know, I, I thought maybe I could get some water. And really I wanted to see if I could find Chaim and be together with him in the camp, down, down below the hill. And uh, it turned out that that was not the purpose of that line. They were taking that line to work on the night shift in the factory. So I was taken right that night to the factory and I started working that, that night in that factory.

This is an armaments factory.

An armaments factory, yes.

That's a good place to stop I think.

[interruption in interview]

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