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Marvin Kozlowski - August 28, 2002


There was a very large Jewish population, right? Twenty-five thousand maybe?

Thirty thousand.

Thirty thousand Jews in Radom.

Yeah, yeah.

And it seems to me there was a big leather-making industry in Radom.

Wife: I don't want to talk.

Industry? Yeah. Industry?

Wife: I can talk?

Sure, sure, sure

Wife: Oh I'm afraid to open my mouth. ??? leather.

I can talk. It was industrial city.


There were a hundred thousand Polacks and thirty thousand Jews.

Wife: And ten percent survived.

Ten percent survived because of the munition factory, but this we're going to go later. First of all--so uh, there were a lot of leather factories, foundries, ammunition factory, bicycle factory, it was industrial city. The reason being the, the industry was uh, geared in our hometown b...because it was abo...it was in Central Poland. And between Europe, if you go through the history, they never knew which part belonged to who. But that part was recognized as Polish, because now you see a part of it became Belarus now. It used to be part of in Polish. A part of it Lithuania.

Wife: Give him a lesson...

And so on, so, our part, the reason, they were trying to concentrate in middle.

And that became the Radom district.

Beg your pardon?

Under the Germans it became the Radom district.

Oh yes, they were dominating everything.

Um, so you didn't work in any of the factories when you were...

I was attending school 'til the war broke out.

So you weren't working there.


You were just in school.

Just in school. I was going to high school.

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