Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Henry Konstam - October 25, 1991

Living in Detroit

What brought you to Detroit?

They sent me to Detroit 'cause my wife was here.

The uh, the Joint?


You didn't go to New York first? You came straight here?

Yeah, we went...

First you...

No, New York. We went to New York. We were there for about a couple days and then they sent us um, to, to Detroit.

Did you have family here?

I have nobody here, no. I didn't have anybody here. Same thing I guess.

]looking at pictures] So this is a Sonderausweis KZ, which means...


concentration. Yeah. And the Sonderausweis is what, a special passport.

Special passport, yeah.

So what was this for?

For, after the war to give us a uh, some kind of document.

Papers so you could travel.

Yeah. Document.

Do you have one daughter?

Yeah. One daughter, one son.

And your son lives in...

Lives in Oak Park.

Oak Park. And your daughter lives...

She lives here in Southfield, yeah.

And grandchildren? Grandchildren?

Oh yeah, we have uh, now we have ten of 'em. Yeah, we, that's our pride and joy. Kids. And this is Janelle's kids.

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