Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Henry Konstam - October 25, 1991


Where did you wind up after this first leg of the death march?

I think Blechhammer if I'm not mistaken. Yeah.

What was Blechhammer like?

One twenty, in 1945 it was in Blechhammer. It was a camp...

And what was Blechhammer like?

There was, this was a Durchgangslager. This was just a, a, this a...

A transition camp.

A transition camp. Yeah.

So you didn't stay there very long?

Uh, it was uh, when we were in Blechhammer that already the Russians uh, the, the bullets were flying already. Fact is one of 'em was right, hit me right at camp when I was there. It's uh, it's odd. Like we didn't get uh, in the, the, the, the uh, the cabin shots when they hit the barrack, nobody was uh, got excited over it. It was so passive. Your life got to be so passive that, that didn't mean anything. You probably can't understand that.

Oh, a little bit.


A little bit.

I remember it was in that camp, we were in the camp and they hit uh, they hit the next door, so what?

So you were there what, a day?

No, I think about two or three days.

And then they marched you again?

Yeah. And then they came back and got us. Came to get us, yeah. Durchgangslager.

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