Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Henry Konstam - October 25, 1991

Camp Guards

Do you remember any of the Germans?


Do you remember any of the Germans? Faces? Names?

I didn't, I didn't know. I, well, names. I mean, they were, they were from everywhere. They were, they were from Czechoslovakia, they were from, from Hungary. In the army, they had from everywhere. The Volksdeutsche. And they were the worst ones. And uh, and uh, what was worse than them were the Ukrainians. They had the guards--it was in Posen camp--they had Ukrainian guards and they were, they were just atrocious. They, they had fun, they had, they had uh, joy by killing, beating and killing people. It was, their enjoyment. The Ukrainians. And Polish and so on. These were the, these isolated incidents which stick out in your mind, you know. And somebody sit down there and, and uh, shoot him, shoot at them.

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