Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Henry Konstam - October 25, 1991

The War Ends

This is May 1945.

Nineteen forty-five. Was in, the rest what happened in the camps, you know how it was. The uh, labor and...

When this, when this ended, you still had your uniform, the prisoner's uniform.


And you had a blanket.


And wooden shoes.

Yeah, yeah. Then I uh, went to a farm there. I knew I had to be built up a little bit because I weighed only seventy-five pounds at the end of the war. Uh, and uh, so we went on a farm and we, I uh, we slept in a barn, you know. The farmer gave us something to eat. The fact is we uh, there were chickens laying eggs and we helped ourselves to some eggs, raw eggs in the morning.

You and Sasha.


You're still with Sasha?

No, no, no. We uh... I... When I got in the town I found some other boys that I was with in the camp. There was one, one boy, one fellah, this was a German, German Jewish boy. And I found him, so we went to that farm. And the farmer treated us pretty well. I mean, he, we ate, he gave us every meal to eat. I worked. I, I volunteered to do something for the farmer, you know. Chop some wood or saw something or do something just to... I was there anyway, might as well show some gratitude for uh, feeding us, you know. We were there at the farmer's, I think about, probably about a week. And uh, then we went to town. We went uh, to a little town there. And, uh...

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