Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Henry Konstam - October 25, 1991

Arrival at Auschwitz

When you got to Auschwitz and the doors opened, what was your first reaction? Was it... Did you arrive in the daytime?

No, we, we got there at uh, at dusk.

What's your first memories of Auschwitz?

All we heard ??? he's shouting, shouting uh, "Go here, go there. Move on." You know, it was uh, machen here, machen there, you know. That uh, pushing around, you know. And uh, uh, then they uh, dropped all your belongings all your clothes, you know. And they uh, you have to, you had to take a shower. You know, they gave you, put 'em in a bathhouse, you know. And after this uh, you went to get your monogram, you know. And uh...

Was there a selection? Did you line up?

No, not here. No. No. There was no selection. Not at that uh, point. There was no selection.

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