Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Henry Konstam - October 25, 1991

Death of Parents

Did you ask these two brothers that you saw, did they survive? The two brothers from...

No, no, they did not.

Did you ask them about your parents?


Did you ask them about your parents?

No, I did not. Uh, they say the uh, we knew what happened to them. I knew what happened to them.

How did you find out what happened to them?

Well, we uh, there always were some communication, people always came from the ghetto from home. And uh, we uh, knew what happened.

So you heard in Gronow?


And what did... So somebody came from Ozorkow and...

Uh, not uh, uh, no I, nothing. I heard it when I was in Posen, you know.

And what did they tell you?

They told me that's what happened, they just rounded 'em up, loaded 'em up in trucks and uh, they took 'em out somewhere and just stuck a uh, pipe of gas into the truck and killed 'em. I don't even know if they killed 'em. I probably was, uh... They could have been alive when they buried 'em.

And this was right near Łódź they took them around.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

When you heard this story, what was your reaction?


When you heard this story, when they told you that?


How did you react to that?

You cannot describe.

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