Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Henry Konstam - October 25, 1991

Moving into the Ghetto II

So what did you bring with you? What did your family take when you moved?

The least amount you could take. Some clothes, you know, and so... But they uh, the least that you can get. There was no place uh, for much furniture in these place because there was no room. What could you have? There was a table and a few chairs and a bed.

Now you went with your parents.

No, I was not with my parents anymore. Since I went to ghetto I was not with my parents anymore. They were, they were still in the uh, small town Ozorkow.

Ozorkow. They were still there.


When was the last time you saw them?

When I left town. When I left in uh, 1939, end of 1939. Last time I saw them.

And you didn't expect to, to never see them again.

We didn't think that's going to be this kind of war. They going to send us away and uh, there's going to be a Holocaust. Who knew? I thought it was just a, a war going uh, take uh, six months, a year and be over with, you know. It was, who knew that uh, there was a, a war where they uh, uh, just take people and, and kill 'em. Nobody expected that. If, if I would expect that I wouldn't be in Poland. I would have gone away to uh, to Russia, which I should have probably done anyway. A lot of my friends that did go uh, march to Russian front and they survived.

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