Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Henry Konstam - October 25, 1991

March into Orzorkow

Do you remember when they marched into...

The city, yeah.

Were you in Ozorkow when they came in?

Yeah. Looked out the windows and they coming in. They had no resistance.

What did they look like to you?

Oh, like any soldier and the helmet and the gun, you know. Not any different. Uh the, it was the army vehicles that come in, you know, and they just, ride through town.

Did people line up on the streets?

Not then. No, everybody was cleared off the streets. Nobody would uh, be in the streets, no. No, like you think uh, like, you know, a welcome? No.

No, I mean there was a war still on too.


The war was still on.

Oh yeah, it was how they invaded Poland. Plus they hardly had any Polish resistance.

Was there... Do you remember seeing Polish soldiers marching to the front?

Well, we saw them before that, marching. And this is the pitiful sight. Uh, uh, they uh, did not go in trucks like they go here. They were marching. By the time they came to the, they had to fight, they were all tired out, you know. Uh, they were tired and they, they were all worn out before they uh, started to shoot, you know.

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