Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Martin Koby - April 20, 1999

Returning to Eastern Europe

And when are you going?

In September.

It's in Prague?

You know what--then...

In Prague.

...for that reunion. ???...

Okay. So you'll go to Prague?


You'll go to Prague.

Yeah, so I'm going to go...

And then you'll go over to your hometown?

No, no. That's not my hometown.

But will you go there after that?

No. I wouldn't go.

You wouldn't go there? You have no desire to see it again?

I would like to. Maybe take some of my kids. But I can't afford--not that I can't afford it financially, I can afford it financially. I can't afford to lower myself to come to a place where I wasn't liked. Why should I go to my enemy?

But they saved you.

Some of them did. But the majority didn't.

Didn't. Hm.

You go to the majority, don't you? I mean, one goes because somebody was--because they were nice to you. But you don't go to just--it's very hard to--to go to a place, just a select group of people and put them in jeopardy. Besides, they're not alive anymore. They're all dead.

Their children and grandchildren?

Their children are, but I don't think the children are the same as the grand--the parents.

Oh, well, you've already had that experience.

Yeah, very bad, bad experience. So I told Anichka I would like, if it would be possible to arrange you know, a get-together and I'll, I'll be the host.

And will they...

But she has to make--this way you get to see everybody at once.

So will they come?

I don't know yet.

Have you talked to Erna or Steffa? They've gone back--but well, Erna has.

But they went to Poland. They all have nice reports you know, they were...

What about Erna? She hasn't gone back yet.

No, but Steffy went and some other people went, but uh, I don't know. Not to Poland.

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