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Martin Koby - April 20, 1999


So this was what uh, July, August...

This was...


... October...

Oh, right.


In the fall, right.

...of '42, autumn of '42.

Oh, you'd said--that's right, you'd spent all ???. What did you take?

Nothing. I took my--I think, three or four shirts.

You layered the shirts.

Layered the shirts. I took--put on uh, thermal underwear we had. I put on two pair of slacks, pants, you know.


I didn't have a belt that year. I wasn't old enough for a belt. I had to wear you know uh, suspenders.


I had a winter coat, some kind of a hat. You always wear a hat in the winter. No gloves, that was a luxury. And my shoes, that was it. But I felt--for many years I felt badly, why we did not take you know, we spent all day there sitting out and looking out the window. You kind of got numb.

A Siddur?

A Siddur, the Chumash and I could have studied that, right? I could have learned something.

Did you study at home?

Oh, uh, uh, what do you mean? Every day by myself? No. Who wants to study by himself? No, that's okay. Who wants to study by himself? You want to--young kid.

But you...


You went to cheder? You didn't...

No, the cheder came to me. We had the private tutors. Sometimes we studied together, but most of the time I remember it was the tutor came to the house.

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