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Martin Koby - April 20, 1999

Jewish Education


And now they have to continue. And they found it uh, I can understand young people who don't want to do it.

Where did your children go to Hebrew school?

Well, they went to United Hebrew Schools. And we finally figured out that was a wasted effort on both our parts. So we sent them to the Lubavitcher.



Yeah. And?

To the Lubavitcher on, on, on--what, Nine Mile Road?

Yeah. And?

And uh, my son told me the other day a story where he works in the hospital. He works in a--two veteran hospitals and a Catholic hospital run by the nuns. And uh, low grade sort of ???. Oh, we had--he says--a meeting. This is to illustrate that they did learn something with the Lubavitcher.


"Dad," he said, "we had a meeting over there in the--you know, the administrators told us you know," he says "You know, we're going to--got to save on pencils and on paper and clips and--or ??? program you know and stuff like that." And he says, "It's a lot of bull because it's--you know, it's stupid." But he ???. And when--after they got through he says, I said to the guy next to me on the--the group that he was in there and pretty soon they're going to tell us we have to go and get our own straw. You know what he refers to? In Egypt.

To make the bricks.

To make the bricks. Now, you have to know that. You have to know that, don't you? Yet something stayed there, something made the important impression, all these years that we lived ??? I thought it was going out of the chimney. He might not be a religious man, but he knows about his faith. And daughter Glenda, I thought she was the last one in the family that you know, the big rebel. She is the big rebel. But you know something, she takes that little two-and-a-half year-old, they go to synagogue every Saturday, to temple, they drive it, but they go there every...

[interruption in interview]

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