Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Martin Koby - April 20, 1999

Capture of Family Members

And what happened to them?

And they stayed there for a week. And then they pounced on them.

They--the Germans?

The Ukrainian...

The Ukrainians.

No Germans, no Germans.


Germans not, not kill Jews in our village.

Ukrainian fascists.

The Ukrainian fascists, whatever they were called.


Whether they're fascists or, or um, uh, the, the, the Ukrainian Liberation Army, UPA's, it means the...


Ukrainian Liberation Army.

And what was the name of the Ukrainian...

UPA was--that was the big deal, okay.


You mean the--the leader of the...

No, what was the party?


The Bandera?

The Banderovs.


Banderov Party.

Wasn't there a Ustaša Party?

No, the Ustaša were in Croatia.

Croatia, right, sorry. Well I get my geography mixed up sometimes.

So they--yeah. So they came. They weren't home.

They were home for a week and then it happened.

Yeah. Maybe they were longer, I think they were home for two weeks.


You know, because everyone--they came not all as a group in one day, they drifted back home. Because you have small children, older people. And if a woman comes you know, with two small kids and a Jewish lady yet, with no money, what has she got--what has she got to offer you?


She only--the only thing she offers you, danger.

So, yeah, okay. So they're...

So they drifted back. And they let them stick it out for a week and then they pounced on them one night--one morning. And they took them out to the forest and they all got killed.

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