Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive

Martin Koby - April 20, 1999

In Hiding

So, so that was the moment that everyone decided it was time to go into hiding.

Yeah, yeah. The other Jews were told the same thing. And it was...

And did they all do it?

Well, yes. Sure.

Okay. Everybody did.

Everybody disappeared. I mean, if we didn't go to check...

Forty-eight Jews, then?

Forty-eight Jews.


Forty-eight Jewish souls. I was told where to go. We...

Which was?

You can go here, you can go there. We named all the names of the people where I can go if I have no place where to hide. You start over here and if they don't want to keep you, you go next. But don't tell anybody where you're going or where you came from.

And your father was giving you this list? Where...

My father and my mother. It's oral--everything oral, not a written one.

Do, do you think that they had contacted these other people?

I don't know.

Because it--well, it's--I, I--did your father trust the Ukrainians with...

These particular people he trusted I, I'm here...

These people, but in general did he, did he trust the people...

I think he trust them more. He didn't trust the firebrands you know, the, the...


...the intellectuals, the college student especially.


You know, you wonder sometimes, you read in the papers and you know for a fact every movement starts with a university somewheres. You know, in the paper you know, the Muslims uh, Arab league is really working on the p...student population in Ann Arbor.


Ah, something new? To me it's not news. To new--to me it's a, a scare. You already know what...


...where it comes from.

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